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HaKaras HaTov from Michael Pariser

I want to thank everyone at Zichron Mordechai for your unstinting support during my week of shiva: setting up my apt., ensuring I had a minyan twice a day, providing meals, paying shiva calls, and in general fulfilling the מצוה of ניחום אבילים  in a way that I can only describe as לפנים משורת הדין .  My thanks to all.  (And yes, I had planned on sending out this email prior to hearing Rabbi Taubes’ דרשה on Shabbos.)   Michal Pariser


Nominations for  Council (board ) members and officers.

Zichron Mordechai is now accepting candidate submissions for Council members and leadership positions including President and Treasurer.  If interested, please contact Joe Berkowitz ( or 646-334-0023) or Marty Leibowitz ( or 551 486-6625)  

Please participate.  You may nominate yourself!


This week's Torah portion is Parshas Vaeschanan

Shabbos, Aug 13

Candle Lighting

Friday, Aug 12, 7:41pm


Motzei Shabbos, Aug 13, 8:47pm
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Monday, Aug 1 9:07pm


Friday, Jul 8 3:42pm

Summertime  Minyanim

Friday, Jul 8 4:43am

Shavuos davening 

Thursday, May 19 3:17pm

Summer Schedule

Wednesday, May 18 3:16pm

  Post-Pesach Shopping

Sunday, Apr 24 1:06am



Friday, Aug 5 3:01pm


Friday, Aug 5 11:59am

Parshas Devarim

Friday, Aug 5 8:01am

Parshas Matos-Masei

Friday, Jul 29 8:54am

8:30 Minyan Kiddush Sponsors

Thursday, Jul 21 10:00am

Parshas Pinchas

Thursday, Jul 21 8:01am

Parshas Balak

Friday, Jul 15 3:22am

Parshas Chukas

Friday, Jul 8 9:22am

Parshas Korach

Friday, Jul 1 9:48am

Parshas Shlach

Friday, Jun 24 9:12am

Parshas Behaaloscha

Friday, Jun 17 6:52am

Parshas Nasso

Friday, Jun 10 6:33am

Shabbos Bechukosai

Thursday, May 26 2:01pm

Shabbos  Behar

Friday, May 20 1:47pm

Shabbos Emor

Friday, May 13 1:59pm

 Friday night   minyanim

Wednesday, May 11 2:29pm

 Shabbos   Kedoshim

Wednesday, May 11 2:29pm

Shabbos Achrei Mos

Friday, Apr 29 12:59pm


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Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782