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--  High Holiday  Seat Reservations  are closed.   

 For questions about existing reservations, call:
      Marty Leibowitz   551 486-6625
For questions about the minyanim, call:
      Abe Brown 201 446-1551
      Aryeh Richman   201 543-9347


High Holiday Schedule

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Announcements for Shabbos Parshas Nitzavim

Mazel tov to Dr. David and Susan Richman on the engagement of their granddaughter Temima Gersten to Avromy Goldschmidt of Monsey.

Rabbi Taubes will be leading slow-paced selichos in Zichron Mordechai this Sunday morning, Erev Rosh Hashanah, at 5:00 AM, followed by Shacharis.  Please bring your own selichos books.

Click here to join the Zichron Mordechai WhatsApp group to assist with various chesed opportunities in the shul. This is a wonderful way to help others and get to know your fellow members better!

Names of cholim for the mishebeirach list or names for a kayl malei can be sent to Names of cholim are kept from week to week unless instructed otherwise.

And now, this week's times are as follows:

Candlelighting: 6:33pm
Mincha/Maariv: 6:35pm
Shkiah: 6:51pm

Hashkama: 7:30am
Sof zman krias shema: 9:46am
Mincha: 6:25pm
Shkiah: 6:49pm
Maariv: 7:00pm (approximately) 
Shabbos Ends: 7:32pm or 8:02pm


Selichos and Shacharis5:00am

Have a good Shabbos.

Nominations for  Council (board ) members and officers.

Zichron Mordechai is now accepting candidate submissions for Council members and leadership positions including President and Treasurer.  If interested, please contact Joe Berkowitz ( or 646-334-0023) or Marty Leibowitz ( or 551 486-6625)  

Please participate.  You may nominate yourself!


This week's Torah portion is Parshas Vayeilech

Shabbos, Oct 1

Candle Lighting

Friday, Sep 30, 6:22pm


Tuesday, Sep 27, 7:35pm
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Tue, September 27 2022 2 Tishrei 5783