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Summertime  Minyanim

07/08/2022 04:43:27 AM


Dear Friends and Members of Zichron Mordechai,

I hope this email finds everybody well and enjoying the summer.

With the "vacation season" now in full swing, on any given Shabbos any number of our regular mispallelim may be away. Being a smaller Shul, where every participant counts, we would like to make sure that we will have no problem maintaining any of our Shabbos Minyanim, especially on Friday nights, which is of special concern as different people start Shabbos at different times.

As a reminder, we daven Friday afternoon Minchah (only) at 6:00 pm and then reconvene for Kabbalas Shabbos and Maariv at 7:15 (finishing by 8:00).

I respectfully urge anyone for whom this schedule works to please make a special effort to join us at both those times and help ensure that we will indeed have proper Minyanim throughout Shabbos.

I wish everyone a beautiful Shabbos.

By'didus Rabbah,

M. Taubes

Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782