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Shabbos Bechukosai

05/26/2022 02:01:04 PM


Below please find the relevant zmanim for Shabbos Parshas Bechukosai.

This shabbos is Shabbos Mevorchim. The Molad for the month of Sivan will be on Monday afternoon4 minutes and 2 chalakim after 6:00 PM.  Rosh Chodesh Sivan is Tuesday, May 31.

This week's Hashkama Kiddush is sponsored by 
Josh and Hedva Azar in honor of the birth of their son Ezzy.

The Shabbos Mevorchim Kiddush is sponsored by Mark and Miriam Katz in memory of Miriam’s father, Chaim Ben Yehuda, Z”L, whose yahrtzeit will be 20 Sivan, and Miriam’s maternal and paternal family members who arrived in Auschwitz-Birkenau on Erev Shavuos and first day of Shavuos. Their Yahrtzeit is observed on those days.  HY”D


To sponsor a future kiddush, please contact Marjorie Munsterberg (  Full and partial sponsorships are welcome.

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Names of cholim for the mishebeirach list can be sent to Names of cholim are kept from week to week unless instructed otherwise.

And now, this week's times are as follows:

Mincha: 6:00pm
Earliest Candlelighting: 6:45pm

Kabbalas Shabbos & Maariv: 7:15pm
Latest Candlelighting: 7:59pm
Shkiah: 8:17pm

Hashkama: 7:30am
Shacharis8:20am - PLEASE NOTE
Sof zman krias shema: 9:11am
Mincha: 7:50pm
Shkiah: 8:18pm
Maariv: 8:55pm (approximately) 
Shabbos Ends: 9:01pm or 9:31pm

Sun, July 3 2022 4 Tammuz 5782