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Hashkama  Minyan Kiddush  Sponsors

07/01/2022 11:00:00 AM


Sponsors for 5782 (2022) Hashkama Kiddushes :


Sh'lach (Jun 25)             Sponsored by Ephrem Wagner

Bahalos'cha (Jun 18)    Sponsored by Samuel Werzberger

Nasso (Jun 11)                Sponsored by Akiva and Danielle Rosenzveig
in honor of the engagement of Danielle’s sister, Rachel Slater, to Aaron Ozari
                                                    &  in honor of Daniel Feldman’s birthday!
Bechukosai (May 28)      Sponsored by Josh and Hedva Azar i
                                                    in honor of the birth of their son Ezzy
Behar (May 21)                Sponsored by Jacob Saks  
Leilu Nishmas Avraham Tzvi ben Shimon, and
                                                    Michal's grandfather on the 35th yartzeit this past Tuesday
Emor (May 14):                 Sponsored by Yoni & Devorah Goldberg
in honor of the birth of a baby girl, Michal Esther. 
Kiddoshim (May 7)           Sponsored by Anonymous
Achrei Mos (Apr 30)         Sponsored by Joshua Kaszovitz

Sun, July 3 2022 4 Tammuz 5782